Acupuncture Research

Scientific evidence of effectiveness of acupuncture varies, and there are differing levels of evidence that vary from condition to condition. As for all medicine, evidence is changing all the time. Currently, an Acupuncture Evidence Project is underway to vigilantly review research surrounding acupuncture. This is an important step for acupuncture and here are some of their findings so far:

High levels of evidence support the use of acupuncture to treat: Allergic rhinitis (perennial & seasonal) – Knee osteoarthritis – Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (with anti-emetics) – Migraine prophylaxis – Chronic low back pain – Postoperative nausea & vomiting – Headache (tension-type and chronic) – Postoperative pain

Other conditions where acupuncture has shown positive effect include:  Acute low back pain – Acute stroke – Ambulatory anaesthesia – Anxiety – Aromatase-inhibitor-induced arthralgia – Asthma in adults – Back or pelvic pain during pregnancy – Cancer pain – Cancer-related fatigue – Constipation – Craniotomy anaesthesia – Depression (with antidepressants) – Dry eye – Hypertension (with medication) – Insomnia – Irritable bowel syndrome – Labour pain – Lateral elbow pain – Menopausal hot flushes – Modulating sensory perception thresholds – Neck pain (NAD, not WAD) – Obesity – Perimenopausal & postmenopausal insomnia – Plantar heel pain – Post-stroke insomnia – Post-stroke shoulder pain – Post-stroke spasticity – Post-traumatic stress disorder – Prostatitis pain/chronic pelvic pain syndrome – Recovery after colorectal cancer resection – Restless leg syndrome – Schizophrenia (with antipsychotics) – Sciatica – Shoulder impingement syndrome (early stage) (with exercise) – Shoulder pain – Smoking cessation (up to 3 months) – Stroke rehabilitation – Temporomandibular (jaw) pain.

Other areas of acupuncture still have less sufficient amounts of evidence or unclear evidence. So acupuncture has a lot of room for more research.

See the link to the Acupuncture Evidence Project for more information.

It is always worth asking Amy if she has clinical experience with the problem you are seeking help for, sometimes 15 minute free discover acupuncture consult is best way to set up a time to discuss your health, fertility  and /or  pregnancy issues  with Amy and she can discuss research and clinical experience around  what you are seeking help for.