Amy Forth (TCM)

Women’s health | Fertility | Pregnancy | General health

Amy has a wealth of experience with patients seeking treatment for fertility, pregnancy, pain and other general health issues and has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for close to 15 years. Amy is also an Integrated Healing practitioner.   She focuses on caring, patient centered, evidence based treatment and support. 

Integrated Healing is a type of kinesiology- an approach that uses a bio feedback system or ‘muscle testing’ to identify areas of stress, dysfunction, or imbalance in the body’s energy systems. IH Kinesiology utilises the bodies bio feedback system to addresses the root cause of the disfunction or energy imbalance albeit on the physical, emotional, or spiritual level. IH Kinesiology combines systems of Chinese medicine, including meridians and acupuncture points, with biomedical anatomy, physiology, and psychology to restore balance in the body by clearing energy blockages that may impede energy flow.  The kinesiologist aims to restoring optimal energy flow, and the energy balance within the body to support the body’s healing.

Amy often see’s:

  • Fertility issues,
  • women’s health issues such as irregular and painful periods, endometriosis and PCOS,
  • Back and neck pain
  • Male factor fertility issues and
  • Pregnancy complaints such as morning sickness, back pain, carpal tunnel, pelvic instability, birth preparation and breech presentation.

A warm and knowledgeable practitioner, Amy has a vision of developing acupuncture as a mainstream and accessible part of modern healthcare. She originally moved to Sydney from Melbourne a few years ago to complete a Master of Global Health. She is very proud (and relieved!) to say that this is now complete. With a strong desire for further research into integrative health care practices, Amy offers an integrative approach and brings her own research into her everyday practice. She prefers working together and communicating with her patients’ GPs, specialists, and other healthcare providers. Amy is an advocate of a real team  approach to care – which hugely benefits her patients.

Amy also works as a health educator and regularly presents to healthcare practitioners about acupuncture research and treatment. As a leader in her field she has presented to many leading health care institutions on acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy care, including IVF clinics, hospitals and obstetrics practices.

In her spare time, Amy may be found at the beach reading a book or doing an ocean swim, in unusual positions at a yoga class, or chatting away over a cup of tea.

As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Amy is registered by the government body Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Like GPs, medical specialists, dentists etc they have to conform with the advertising standards set by AHPRA which does not allow the use of testimonials.

Hence, although we get positive feedback all the time, sadly we cannot share it with you here.

Health Funds

Amy is a registered practitioner with CMRBA, AHPRA, and member of ATMS, and is accredited with all major private health funds.

Amy has the following qualifications:

BHSc (Chinese Med)
MGHDS Global Health

Amy is a fully accredited member of:

AHPRA Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency
CMBA Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
ATMS Australian Traditional Medicine Society (member no. 24561)

Practitioner, Researcher and Public Speaker

Chinese Medicine, Global  Health and Integrative Medicine

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