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Tuesday  10am-6pm Sara Do (Nutritionist, Naturopath, Acupuncturist and herbalist)

Thursday 10am-6pm with Amy Forth (Acupuncturist and herbalist, Integrated Healing )

Fee’s Acupuncture (All practitioners)

Initial Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consult includes a full detailed medical history,  Chinese Medicine assessment, diagnosis  and  treatment plan including  acupuncture treatment, and herbal medicine prescription (where appropriate) $180 (70 min)

Acupuncture treatment return consult $120 (50 mins)

Acupuncture treatment 6 pack $628 ($104 per treatment)

Integrated Healing Kinesiology with Amy

Integrated Healing Kinesiology initial with Amy (90 minutes) $180

Integrated Healing Kinesiology return with Amy (70 minutes) $160

Naturopathy and Acupuncture with Sara Do

Initial Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consult includes a detailed medical history and naturopathic, nutritional and Chinese Medicine assessment, diagnosis,  dietary and nutritional advice, and treatment plan. This consult also includes acupuncture treatment, and supplement/ herbs prescription $220 (90 mins)

Nutrition, Naturopathic and TCM return consult including dietary and nutritional advice, acupuncture treatment acupuncture treatment, and supplement/ herbs prescription $180 (70 mins)

Naturopathic and Nutrition  return consult $120 (50 minutes)

Cosmetic Acupuncture with Amy or Sara

Initial Cosmetic Acupuncture consult includes a detailed medical history,   cosmetic assessment,  diagnosis,  treatment plan and cosmetic acupuncture treatment (inc massage/ herb/ supplement prescription if appropriate)  $180 (90 mins)

Return Cosmetic Acupuncture $135

Return Cosmetic Acupuncture 6 pack $690 = $115 per treatment* (* available after initial consult)

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